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Why you should Learn a new Language

Hey It Girls I don’t know about you guys but knowing more than one language makes you seem more put together and smart and being smart is hot. But if that isn’t a good enough reason for you to learn a new language here’s a list of reasons why its good to learn a new language. 

5 Reasons why you should learn a new language

  • More Job opportunities

The more people you can communicate with the easier it will be to communicate with clients or future employers. Therefore, it helps you land jobs without a difference in language being a barrier for you. Yes, there are many different languages ​​in the world. Over 7000 actually, just Chinese has 13, but learning one or two more in your life span is possible and once you start learning one language its easier for your brain to continue learning other languages. 

  • Improving Memory

Having to multitask and think in more than one language at a time makes you use your brain more and have to think about what what something means in your first language and the one you are learning which helps improve your memory. 

  • You can communicate with more people

It Girlies are cultured, and its simply way more practical to learn about new cultures when you already know their language. Especially if your social it’s nice to be able to speak and reach out to other people. Also, when people try talking behind your back using a different language its a huge ego boost to be able to reply to them in their language and give them a little scare. The scare being you understood every single word they said about you.

  • Adds Confidence when you travel to a foreign country

If you are wanting to travel the world then of course going to a new place you’ve never been before is scary. You can help your future self feel a little safer by practicing a few phrases and basic words from the country your planning on visiting. 

  • health benefits 

Believe it or not. Practicing new languages can delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Learning a new language definitely has more benefits than just these. If you are working on becoming your best self for yourself i suggest you dedicate at least 5 or ten mins to learn a new language.