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How to Keep Growing as an ItGirl

A way you can become the IT Girl is making a list of all the things you want to experience and figure out which are your top 3 to do this year You can write things like:

-Learning how to shoot a gun
-Learning how to knit
-learning how to swim
-learning new cooking dishes
-going to see the northern lights
-going to a water park
-going on a roll at coaster

There are so many options for things you maybe haven’t done and want to learn to do. If you want to see my list then here’s my bucket list (link to my bucket list)


To be an it Girl you have to keep growing. You have to push yourself forward. If you are doing the same things everyday and never venture out of your comfort zone you simply can’t grow. So one of my goals is to focus on doing new things. Growing my perspective on life and making sure I don’t become bored or sad with my life. Don’t let your past self down.