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What People need to realize about Health

I’ve always struggled with my weight. It really wasn’t my fault. My grandmother died of diabetes and I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes as a child and my parents freaked out. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything.

I was even threatened to be sent to fat camp. I was 11 weighting 160 pounds. Sure, that may be a lot for an 11 year old to weigh but…. That is normal for a full grown women. So if I were to have had a conversation about maintaining my weight. Learning to eat in different portions and how different food does different things in my body as a child I could have been ok. The fact that my grandmother passed away and my parents didn’t want the same end for me created a panic in them that haunted me for years.
No cookies. Not chips. No candy. Not chocolates. Not too much ice cream….. which wouldn’t be so hard if they didn’t buy it but I had 3 siblings and they were all eating exactly that. I don’t have to tell you how upsetting it is to be a child and not having what children around you have. Especially when it comes to food. It created a Food plot and soon whenever I wasn’t being watched I would stuff myself with all the food I couldn’t have because it was yummy and I didn’t know the next time I could have it.

This issue that formed when I was a child was not my fault, but continuing it through to my teenage years was. It is my responsibility to heal my trauma with food and that is what I’m slowly doing.

It Girls should be able to eat whatever they want. They should be able to maintain a healthy weight while eating yummy food.
It’s taken me many years and many trial and error to finally start being healthy consistently instead of only being healthy while I was trying to shed the weight.

my food trauma formed when i was a child and it was not my fault, but it is my responsibilityto heal it. 

Things everyone should realize when it comes to health

Here are a few things I realized while healing my food and weight trauma… and what I’m still learning

1. If you’re miserable with your diet plan or workout plan it won’t work.                                                                       you have to find things that make you happy or that don’t make you hate your life. For me with my workout plans that’s swimming or dancing. In a different life i’d have been a mermaid. i truly feel free when i’m swimming. 

For Dieting what has worked for me in long terms so far has been keto dieting. Don’t think keto is just eating lots of bacon and fatty things, that isn’t it at all. If you want to know my experience with keto because you are thinking of trying it yourself check out my article on it. Or my article How keto works. 

2. Small consistent actions are better than giving your all then quitting.                                                              before i would diet very strictly. NO BREAD, NO SUGAR, NO CANDY, NO CHIPS. i would diet so strictly until i lost 10-15kgs and i would get excited at my progress and then my body would stop losing weight so fast and i would say. what is the point of being so strict if I’m not losing weight like I used to, and I would quit. 

What I didn’t understand was, of course if I was eating very unhealthy and become strict on myself I will lose weight like crazy. I removed a lot of what my body was used to having. Cold turkey just stopped all the junk food. Eventually my body’s normal way of eating would be no junk food and it wont be losing weight like crazy anymore because its my new normal. I would let myself get demotivated here instead of realization that if I kept it up I would consistently lose weight (Very slowly compared to the beginning yes but something is better than nothing) or at the very least keep the weight off. 

3.iTS OK TO STOP FOCUSING ON LOSING WEIGHT AND FOCUS ON MAINTAINING YOUR WEIGHT                                We live in a society Where shaming people for their bodies is normal. So we consistently end up feeling ashamed and not good enough and want to very quickly become our best selves. Sometimes the progress is not falling back to our toxic habits or not good habits. Its ok to allow yourself to eat something not in the diet or miss a day of your workout. Don’t let that one action be your downfall tho. Its ok to decide to go into maintaining mode instead of gaining progress on whatever your body or health