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What you should know about traveling alone

The first time I traveled alone I was 17. I flew from Mexico to the USA. Guadalajara to California, so not only was I traveling on my own but I was traveling to a whole other country. Since then I’ve traveled many times on my own, to different airports I didn’t know. I was of course nervous and scared of doing this on my own but it Girls step outside their comfort zone because we know its better for our future selves. 


Here is what you should keep in mind if you are thinking about traveling alone.

1. It seems a lot scarier than it is

I would suggest to keep it out of your mind if its possible because we do sometimes get into our heads about how scary something might be and it ends up being easy peasy.

2. If your traveling to a country that speaks a different language make sure to know a few basic things in that language…..

like knowing how to ask where the bathroom is and how to get to your hotel. 

3. whatever you bring with you know you have to haul with you everywhere in the airport….

so if you packed heavy its gonna be heavy on you. Especially if you find a spot to sit and have to haul your things to the bathroom with you. So light carry on is a good idea.

4. If your uneasy just friend old ladies

My first traveling experience went by smoother than peanut butter, but my sister had a few guys hit on her at the airport the first time she traveled alone…. so she went and found herself older ladies to chat with and they treated her like a grandchild.