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The Country Travel Wishlist You Need

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to travel and explore the world. To learn about everything i can about other languages and cultures and ice creams. (Perhaps i have a smol obession with frozen sweets). 

I’m not rich nor do i have a time machine or a slow down time machine so here is a list of countries and places i want to visit before i die. Feel free to add them to your bucket list. 

My travel list

  • USA, California, Los Angeles 
  • USA, California, San Francisco
  • USA, Alaska
  • USA, New York
  • Mexico, Tulum
  • Mexico, Yucatan Cenotes
  • Visit Pakistan
  • Visit the Philippines
  • Visit Peru
  • Visit Spain 
  • Visit France
  • Visit Italy
  • Visit Greece
  •  visit turkey
  • Visit Iceland
  • Visit Greenland
  • Visit United Arabic Emirates
  • Visit Libya
  • Visit Canada
  • Visit Sweden
  • Visit Portugal
  • Visit Norway
  • Belgium (For its chocolate)

If you don’t explore the world, you limit your growth by staying in the same environment with the same people and their same mindsets.