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Why you shouldn’t be scared of New Experiences

If you don’t do anything new in your life how will you grow?

It Girls don’t wait around for life to happen, BECAUSE they understand that weather they move forward or not LIFE CONTINUES TO HAPPEN. So why not take the bulls by the horn and plan new experiences for yourself to be your best it girl possible. 

How being scared holds you back from your it Girl Dreams

Lets talk a little bit about me. I studied Communication in university. So i had a full course on how to speak in public and how to be better at public speaking, but even thought in class i could bullshit my way into giving a 20 min talk on rhinos and how we need to be carful because they’re becoming extinct i was still afraid of giving my opinion in conversations. I am still afraid of speaking in public sometimes, but that’s ok because i’ve been pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone and do new things and i’ve never felt better. Do the things that you fear starting

Close your eyes and think about times you wanted to do something and you didn’t allow yourself to. You limited yourself because you were afraid of being judged or not doing it correctly. Now imagine if you tried it and failed. The worst that would have happened was what? Now tell me what would have happened if you kept trying? No one is perfect at everything but It Girls don’t let that stop them.

Lets look at a few benefits of getting out of your comfort zone and become you’re It Girl

  • Helps you reach your goals

Obviously your ItGirl goals are to be better than you are now. To be that person you envision for your future you need to step out of your comfort zone and grow as a person. YOU CAN’T BE DOING THE SAME THINGS AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS

  • Helps you become more self-confident.

Sometimes we fail and sometimes we win, and if we get used to knowing that sometimes we will fail we are gonna be more confident moving forward because Failing sometimes is part of the progress and as ItGirls we already know this.

  • Grows your creativity
 We are naturally very creative creatures. Have you been around small children? They imagine the most random out of this world ideas. School then comes into play and puts in strict rules so everyone does the same thing as everyone else. Then boring 9-5 jobs come along and its more same old same old every single day. It murders our creativity, so you have to actively do things that help keep your creativity stay intact. If your creativity has already been squashed then I suggestion you start doing things to heal it. Doing different new things, reading, art, helps you stay creative. 
  • Prepares you for when you are pushed out of your comfort zone unwillingly

Sometimes things happen where even though we don’t want to, we are forced to change our environment or job or school or friends. ItGirls know that to grow as people they have to push themselves out of their comfort zones. So when situations happen where it happens and we have no control over it. It doesn’t become as scary to us because we do it to ourselves all the time

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«Do one thing everyday that scares you» -Eleanor Roosevelt